Demandez un Camembert Georges Bisson c&
Demandez un Camembert Georges Bisson c&
Demandez un Camembert Georges Bisson c&
Demandez un Camembert Georges Bisson c&

Demandez un Camembert Georges Bisson c'est le meilleur une vieille marque Normande ! 1937

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Step into the enchanting world of vintage poster art, where Henry Lemonnier's 1937 masterpiece, "Demandez un Camembert Georges Bisson" (Ask for a Camembert Georges Bisson), invites us to savor the simple pleasures of life. This poster not only extols the virtues of a cherished cheese but also unveils the whimsical artistry of its creator, Henry Lemonnier.

Henry Lemonnier, the French artist and illustrator extraordinaire, possessed the unique ability to infuse his art with a sense of nostalgia and delight. His work celebrated the everyday joys and the culinary treasures that graced the tables of France.

The 1937 poster, "Demandez un Camembert Georges Bisson," stands as a testament to Lemonnier's knack for transporting us to a world where savoring cheese becomes an art form. In this charming composition, a proud chef presents a delectable wheel of Camembert against a backdrop of rolling green pastures. Lemonnier's color palette, warm and inviting, evokes the comfort and satisfaction of indulging in this iconic cheese.

Lemonnier's imagery was carefully chosen to convey the essence of Georges Bisson's Camembert as a quintessential French culinary delight. The text encourages viewers to "Ask for a Camembert Georges Bisson," positioning it as the trusted and delightful choice for cheese aficionados.

Henry Lemonnier's 1937 original poster demonstrates the power of design to evoke nostalgia and convey the essence of a beloved culinary tradition. This poster continues to captivate viewers, inviting them to embark on a timeless culinary journey, all through the whimsical artistry of Henry Lemonnier.

Gastronomy - Advertising - Calvados - Normandy

An old Norman brand!

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