The Fak Hongs numéro d&
The Fak Hongs numéro d&
The Fak Hongs numéro d&
The Fak Hongs numéro d&
The Fak Hongs numéro d&

The Fak Hongs numéro d'illusion, le plus grand du monde " Cirque " Circa 1920

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A fine poster for the Fak Hongs.
At the turn of the century, a popular show was a type of magic known as the "oriental magician". So popular was this show that many "Asian" performers were in fact Western men wearing stereotypical costumes. The Fak-Hongs were a mid-level magic troupe who dressed as Asian mystics.
In one of the earliest posters of this team of Asian illusionists, two sheets are used to good effect, each half illustrating several of the tricks performed by the Fak Hongs. The disparate scenes are united by the steaming fumes emanating from the cauldron at the bottom of the poster. The audience was treated to a series of mystical and often disembodied deceptions. The anonymous artist also chose to leave no magical cliché untouched: the Grim Reaper, dragons, devils, skulls, snakes and exotic birds give a taste of the fabulous and frightening possibilities of this black arts affair.

Magic - Show - Circus

E. Mirabet Valencia

Good condition, light traces of folds

* The shadow on the left is due to the picture, it doesn't appear on the poster.

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