Paris Illustré et Ses Fortifications 1851
Paris Illustré et Ses Fortifications 1851
Paris Illustré et Ses Fortifications 1851
Paris Illustré et Ses Fortifications 1851
Paris Illustré et Ses Fortifications 1851

Paris Illustré et Ses Fortifications 1851

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In the world of cartography, maps transcend mere geography; they are historical records and works of art, encapsulating the essence of a place at a specific moment in time. The 1851 vintage map, "Plan de Paris et ses Fortifications," masterfully crafted by the skilled geographer Maillard in collaboration with architect Alvar Toussaint and published by Auguste Logerot, offers an intricate and enlightening view of Paris during a period of significant transformation. This extraordinary map not only serves as a geographical reference but is a historical treasure that provides a deep insight into the city's layout, architectural landmarks, and formidable fortifications.

The 1851 "Plan de Paris et ses Fortifications" is a collaborative masterpiece, bringing together the talents of geographer Maillard, architect Alvar Toussaint, and publisher Auguste Logerot. Their combined expertise resulted in a cartographic gem that remains a valuable historical document.

In 1851, Paris was a city in the midst of a remarkable transformation. The 19th century marked a period of urban expansion and modernization, and this vintage map provides a unique perspective on the city's architectural diversity, including grand boulevards, intricate streets, and significant fortifications. Of particular note, the map prominently features two vital fortification walls: the Wall of the Farmers-General, constructed in 1790, and the Thiers Wall. Named after the statesman Adolphe Thiers, this wall was built between 1841 and 1844 at the behest of King Louis-Philippe. Its primary purpose was to encircle the capital with a bastioned wall, rendering Paris impregnable.

The "Plan de Paris et ses Fortifications" of 1851 is a visual journey through time, offering an authentic glimpse into Paris's past during a pivotal era of urban development. It not only preserves the historical importance of the city's fortifications but also reflects the ambition and vision of the city's leaders. Additionally, the map is adorned with vignettes depicting the city's monuments and suburbs, making it an artistic treasure that captivates both historians and art enthusiasts.

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Published by Auguste Logero

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