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Voyages d'été en France wagons-lits cook 1935

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The 1930s were a pivotal era where art and wanderlust converged. A poster created in 1935 by the celebrated French graphic artist Raymond Savignac, advertising "Voyages d'été en France" with Wagons-Lits Cook, exemplifies the exquisite synergy between art, travel, and the desire to explore. This iconic artwork not only beckoned travelers to embark on summer journeys through France but also marked a high point in the golden age of travel advertising.

Raymond Savignac, a renowned French graphic designer, left an indelible mark on the world of advertising. His work was characterized by a unique and whimsical style that often incorporated humor and a sense of light-heartedness. The 1935 poster advertising summer journeys in France with Wagons-Lits Cook showcases his artistic talent and has become an emblematic piece of his portfolio.

The 1930s marked the zenith of travel advertising, especially by train. The French company Wagons-Lits Cook was at the forefront, pioneering luxury train travel and services throughout Europe. This era heralded an appreciation for the finer things in life, combining leisure, adventure, and comfort in a way that had never been seen before.

Savignac's 1935 poster for Wagons-Lits Cook remains an emblem of the golden age of travel advertising. Its simple yet captivating design continues to evoke the allure of summer journeys in France, appealing to travelers and art enthusiasts alike. This artwork is a testament to the power of graphic design in conveying the spirit of travel and the promise of unforgettable summer experiences.

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