Le Mont-Dore Auvergne Circa 1900
Le Mont-Dore Auvergne Circa 1900
Le Mont-Dore Auvergne Circa 1900
Le Mont-Dore Auvergne Circa 1900
Le Mont-Dore Auvergne Circa 1900

Le Mont-Dore Auvergne Circa 1900

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Deville's original poster for Chemins de fer d'Orléans, showcasing Le Mont-Dore in Auvergne with the captivating Cascade de Queureuilh and the grandeur of the thermal establishment, unfolds as a visual symphony, transcending the boundaries of mere advertisement.

Deville's artistic brushstrokes bring to life the allure of Le Mont-Dore, capturing not just the scenic Cascade de Queureuilh but also the grand hall of the thermal establishment. The poster beckons viewers to not merely consider a destination but to immerse themselves in the therapeutic ambiance of this Auvergne gem.

This poster becomes a visual invitation to an era where travel was not just a journey but an experience of elegance and tranquility. Deville's artistry encourages travelers to envision themselves within the halls of the thermal establishment, surrounded by the natural wonders of Le Mont-Dore.

Beyond being a travel advertisement, M. Deville's original poster holds a unique place in the realm of travel collectibles. It stands as a symbol of Chemins de fer d'Orléans' commitment to presenting not just a destination but a holistic experience where nature's beauty intertwines with therapeutic luxury.

In conclusion, this poster entices travelers to embark on a picturesque journey to Le Mont-Dore in Auvergne, where M. Deville's artistry converges with the promise of an enchanting and revitalizing escape. It's a celebration where travel transcends the ordinary, inviting us to appreciate the harmonious blend of natural wonders, therapeutic elegance, and the art of exploration.

Tourism - Railway - Puy-de-Dôme - France

Railway of Orleans - Cascade de Queureuilh - Hall of thermal establishment

Good condition, traces of folds, light restorations

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