Chemins de Fer de l&
Chemins de Fer de l&
Chemins de Fer de l&
Chemins de Fer de l&
Chemins de Fer de l&
Chemins de Fer de l&

Chemins de Fer de l'État - Excursion en Normandie - Mortain l'aiguille entrée de la petite cascade 1910

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Charles Hallé's 1910 poster for the Chemins de fer de l'État, titled "Excursion en Normandie," stands as a picturesque journey to the heart of Normandy's natural beauty. This iconic poster is not merely an advertisement; it's an artistic ode to the allure of railway travel and the enchanting landscapes of Mortain l'Aiguille.

Charles Hallé, a prominent French artist, was celebrated for his ability to infuse his works with luminosity and vividness. His posters, often commissioned by railways, became windows to the scenic wonders that awaited travelers during the Belle Époque.

Hallé's poster is a visual masterpiece, featuring the mesmerizing Mortain l'Aiguille and its petite cascade. The meticulous detailing of the rocky landscape, lush foliage, and the cascading waterfall creates an atmosphere of serenity and natural splendor. The composition radiates a timeless beauty, inviting viewers to embark on an artistic journey to Normandy.

The chosen color palette mirrors the rich and vibrant hues of the Normandy landscape. Verdant greens, earthy browns, and the crystalline blues of the waterfall evoke the bucolic charm of Mortain l'Aiguille. The colors transport viewers to a time when the scenic beauty of a region was a major draw for railway excursions.Railway - Tourism - Manche - France

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