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New York Herald's Funny Folk Calendar 1906

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The New York Herald's 1906 Funny Folk Calendar is a delightful time capsule that transports us to a year filled with humor, whimsy, and artistic charm. This iconic calendar offers a glimpse into the past, where humor and illustration blended seamlessly to bring joy to each day.

The New York Herald, a prominent newspaper of its time, was renowned for its contributions to art and culture. The newspaper's creative endeavors extended beyond news reporting and ventured into the realm of art, as exemplified by the 1906 Funny Folk Calendar.

The 1906 Funny Folk Calendar is a visual masterpiece, featuring twelve months of whimsical illustrations that celebrate the humor and quirks of everyday life. Each month brings forth a new character or scenario, depicting the amusing and relatable situations people encountered in the early 20th century.

Press - Calendar - Advertising - United States

Good condition, traces of folds, dirt

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