Apprenez à nager ! 1951
Apprenez à nager ! 1951
Apprenez à nager ! 1951
Apprenez à nager ! 1951
Apprenez à nager ! 1951

Apprenez à nager ! 1951

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Crafted in 1951 by the Soviet artist L. Golovanov, the original propaganda poster "Apprenez à nager!" ("Learn to swim!") is a striking piece of artwork aimed at promoting swimming education and water safety in the Soviet Union. This poster reflects the broader Soviet campaign to encourage physical fitness and preparedness among its citizens.

L. Golovanov's poster features bold and dynamic imagery designed to capture attention and convey its message effectively. At the center of the composition is a powerful depiction of a swimmer confidently navigating through the water. The swimmer's strong and purposeful strokes symbolize proficiency and mastery of swimming skills, encouraging viewers to follow suit.

Surrounding the central figure are stylized waves and splashes, emphasizing the aquatic theme of the poster and evoking a sense of movement and vitality. The use of vibrant colors, including shades of blue and white, further enhances the visual impact of the artwork, creating a sense of energy and dynamism.

In addition to its visual elements, the poster includes text urging viewers to learn to swim. This message aligns with the Soviet government's emphasis on physical education and preparedness, highlighting the importance of swimming as a life-saving skill and a means of promoting overall health and fitness.

Sport - Swimming - USSR - Russia

Printed in Leningrad

Good condition, traces of folds

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