Love en jaune et vert 1991
Love en jaune et vert 1991
Love en jaune et vert 1991
Love en jaune et vert 1991
Love en jaune et vert 1991

Love en jaune et vert 1991

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The lithograph "Love en jaune et vert," created by Walasse Ting as part of the "Album Love" series in 1991 and published by Yves Rivière in Paris, is a minimalist yet impactful work of art. Dominated by the words "Love" written in green and yellow, the lithograph captures the essence of affection and positivity.

Despite its simplicity, the lithograph conveys a powerful message of love through its vibrant colors and bold typography. The use of green and yellow adds a sense of energy and freshness to the composition, while the repetition of the word "Love" reinforces its significance and universality.

Ting's decision to focus solely on the word "Love" allows viewers to interpret and internalize its meaning in their own unique way. Whether seen as a declaration of affection, a symbol of hope, or a reminder of the importance of love in our lives, the lithograph resonates with audiences on a deeply personal level.

As part of the larger "Album Love" series, this lithograph embodies Ting's exploration of love as a central theme in his artistic practice. By distilling the concept of love into a simple yet visually striking image, Ting invites viewers to reflect on the power of this universal emotion and its ability to inspire and uplift.

Abstract - Cobra

From the Album Love 1991 Yves Rivière publisher Paris

Good condition, one original fold

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