Campagne Provencale 1923
Campagne Provencale 1923
Campagne Provencale 1923
Campagne Provencale 1923
Campagne Provencale 1923

Campagne Provencale 1923

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The original 1923 work, entitled "Campagne Provençale" by Hermine David, is a striking painting depicting the picturesque landscape of Provence, created in gouache and oil on board. This piece is distinguished by its rich textures and vibrant colors, capturing the natural beauty and serene atmosphere of the Provençal landscape.

Hermine David, born in Paris in 1886 and died in 1970, was a renowned French painter, printmaker and illustrator. She is particularly renowned for her portraits of women and landscapes, often executed in a style characterized by delicate use of color and attention to detail. Her marriage to the artist Jules Pascin also influenced her work, enriching her style and technique.

In "Campagne Provençale", Hermine David demonstrates her mastery of the mediums of gouache and oil. Gouache provides a matte finish and smooth application, which David uses to capture the delicate details of the rural landscape. Oil, meanwhile, adds depth and richness, bringing a dynamic quality to the overall composition. The combination of these mediums on board gives the painting a unique texture and a sense of immediacy, as if the viewer were witnessing a moment frozen in time.

The painting is signed and dated in the lower left-hand corner, confirming its authenticity and marking its importance within David's oeuvre. The signature and date not only validate the painting, but also situate it in the artist's career, offering insight into his development and stylistic evolution in the early 1920s.

On the reverse, the painting is entitled "Campagne Provençale" and numbered "9". This title and number suggest that the piece is part of a series, probably a collection of works exploring different aspects of the Provençal landscape. The title evokes the typical charm of Provence, with its rolling hills, vibrant flora and tranquil ambience. By numbering the piece, David could indicate its place in a larger narrative or thematic exploration, inviting viewers to consider it in the context of his other works.

The scene depicted in "Campagne Provençale" is probably characterized by elements typical of the region: olive trees, lavender fields, and rustic farmhouses standing out against a backdrop of gently rolling hills. David's use of color is particularly remarkable; the warm, earthy tones of the earth contrast beautifully with the cooler hues of the sky, creating a balanced, harmonious composition. The light in the painting, whether the soft glow of dawn or the golden warmth of late afternoon, reinforces the sense of tranquility and timelessness that characterizes the Provencal countryside.

Oil on cardboard

Post Impressionism - Landscape design - France

Gouache and oil on cardboard. Signed and dated lower left, titled and numbered "9" on the reverse.

Good condition, scratches

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