L'art du Nu Crazy Horse Paris Circa 1980

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The circa 1980 poster for the Crazy Horse Paris's Nouvelle revue, titled "L'art du nu" or "The Art of Nude," introduces audiences to a world of tantalizing performances in the form of their new show, "Teasing."

This mesmerizing poster serves as a visual prelude to the sophisticated and daring acts awaiting patrons within the iconic Crazy Horse venue. The Nouvelle revue, "Teasing," suggests a playful and provocative dimension to the already renowned art of nude performance associated with Crazy Horse Paris.

The poster's design is a delicate dance between subtlety and boldness, mirroring the essence of the cabaret itself. Against a backdrop of deep black and moody purples, the central figure emerges, embodying the spirit of "Teasing." The use of strategic lighting and shadows adds an element of mystery, emphasizing the allure of the performers' teasing gestures.

At the heart of the composition is a dancer whose silhouette captures the dynamism and sensuality inherent in the Crazy Horse style. The nuanced play of light and shade accentuates the contours of the body, celebrating the artful beauty of the human form while maintaining an air of sophistication.

Cabaret - Advertising - Show

Eroticism - New review "Teasing"

Good condition, folds

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