Harmoniques Circa 1960
Harmoniques Circa 1960
Harmoniques Circa 1960
Harmoniques Circa 1960
Harmoniques Circa 1960

Harmoniques Circa 1960

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The lithograph "Harmoniques," crafted by Amédée Ozenfant circa 1960, stands as a testament to the artist's mastery of form and composition. Numbered 19 out of 110 and personally signed and dedicated by the artist, this piece holds both artistic and historical significance.

Ozenfant, a prominent figure in the modern art movement, was celebrated for his contributions to cubism and purism. In "Harmoniques," Ozenfant demonstrates his adeptness at capturing the essence of form and color through a harmonious arrangement of geometric shapes and lines.

The lithograph's limited edition status, with only 110 prints in existence, adds to its allure and collectibility. Each print is not only numbered but also bears the unique signature and dedication of Ozenfant himself, further enhancing its value and desirability among art enthusiasts and collectors.

Through "Harmoniques," Ozenfant invites viewers into a world of geometric abstraction, where shapes and colors interact dynamically to evoke a sense of rhythm and balance. The dedication and signature by the artist imbue the lithograph with a personal touch, underscoring the intimate connection between the creator and the viewer.

Cubism - Purism

Numbered 19 out of 110 dedicated and hand-signed by the artist

Good condition, slight creases

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