2 huiles Renault d&
2 huiles Renault d&
2 huiles Renault d&
2 huiles Renault d&
2 huiles Renault d&

2 huiles Renault d'hiver, les meilleures 1934

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1934 original poster by Pierre Fix-Masseau stands as a testament to the artistry of the era and the innovative spirit of Renault. Titled "2 Huiles Renault d'Hiver," this poster is a visual symphony celebrating the excellence of Renault oils for winter, designed to enhance engine performance and protect vital components.

Fix-Masseau, a distinguished French illustrator and graphic designer, infused this poster with dynamic energy and a sleek, streamlined aesthetic that mirrors the sophistication of Renault automobiles. The composition showcases the seamless integration of two essential winter oils – one for engines (Fluide pour moteurs) and another for gearboxes and differentials (Carters H pour boîtes et ponts).

The poster's visual language exudes a sense of speed and modernity. Fix-Masseau's use of bold, dynamic lines and a striking color palette captures the attention, reflecting the spirit of progress and innovation associated with Renault during this era.

Renault's commitment to excellence in all seasons is encapsulated in this artwork. The winter-specific oils promoted in the poster highlight the brand's dedication to ensuring optimal performance even in challenging weather conditions. The emphasis on "Les Meilleures" (The Best) underscores Renault's claim to superior quality, inviting consumers to trust in the reliability of their products.

Automobile - Advertising - France

Fluid for H

S.H.R. in France

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