XXXIXe salon de l&
XXXIXe salon de l&
XXXIXe salon de l&
XXXIXe salon de l&
XXXIXe salon de l&

XXXIXe salon de l'automobile de la moto et du cycle - Bruxelles Centenaire 1956

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The XXXIXe Salon de l'Automobile, de la Moto et du Cycle held in Bruxelles in 1956 stood as a celebration of innovation, design, and the boundless possibilities of the open road. At the heart of this dynamic event was the captivating poster crafted by the artist Bizuth, an emblematic piece that not only beckoned enthusiasts to the exhibition but also encapsulated the era's zest for progress.

Bizuth, a talented artist of the mid-20th century, infused his unique style into the poster for the Bruxelles Centenaire automotive salon. The poster serves as a visual overture, inviting attendees and onlookers alike to immerse themselves in the world of automobiles, motorcycles, and cycles at this landmark exhibition.

The central theme of the poster is a dynamic portrayal of a stylized automobile, motorcycle, and bicycle in harmonious coexistence, symbolizing the diverse offerings awaiting visitors at the event. Bizuth's use of bold, vibrant colors and sleek lines captures the essence of speed and modernity, echoing the excitement and progress associated with the automotive industry during the mid-20th century.

One striking aspect of the poster is its ability to convey a sense of celebration. The term "Centenaire" suggests a centennial celebration, perhaps marking a significant milestone for the automotive and cycling industries. Bizuth's composition exudes a festive atmosphere, amplifying the anticipation of a grand and historic gathering.

Exhibition - Automobile - Transport - Belgium

Stuck on cardboard

Printed by Marci in Brussels

Good condition, traces of folds, dirt

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