Compression de Bugatti 1973
Compression de Bugatti 1973
Compression de Bugatti 1973
Compression de Bugatti 1973
Compression de Bugatti 1973

Compression de Bugatti 1973

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The 1973 original lithography "Compression de Bugatti" by César Baldaccini, more commonly known as César, is a striking piece of modern art that reflects the artist's unique approach to sculptural and graphic forms. César, a renowned French sculptor born in 1921, became famous for his innovative techniques and the transformative nature of his work. His fascination with industrial materials and processes is vividly captured in this lithography.

"Compression de Bugatti" showcases César's signature style, where he uses compression as a means to reconfigure and reinterpret the shapes of objects. This piece features the iconic Bugatti, a symbol of luxury and engineering excellence, in a compressed form. The lithography not only pays homage to the elegance and prestige of the Bugatti but also transforms it into a piece of abstract art that challenges the viewer’s perception of form and function.

César’s technique of compression, initially applied to metal sculptures, here translates beautifully into a two-dimensional format. The lithography captures the essence of compression, blending realism with abstraction, and invites viewers to contemplate the relationship between art and industry. This work is a testament to César's ability to manipulate materials and forms, creating art that is both visually engaging and thought-provoking.

Born in Marseille, César was a key figure in the Nouveau Réalisme movement, which sought to bridge the gap between art and everyday life. His works often incorporated found objects and industrial materials, reflecting the post-war industrial boom and its impact on society. "Compression de Bugatti" is a prime example of this philosophy, as it transforms a recognizable luxury object into a new, compressed form, thereby redefining its cultural and artistic significance.

Throughout his career, César received numerous accolades and his works have been exhibited in prestigious galleries and museums worldwide. His innovative approach and distinctive style have left a lasting impact on the art world, influencing subsequent generations of artists. "Compression de Bugatti" remains a notable example of his pioneering spirit and artistic ingenuity.

Automobile - New Realism

Signed and dated by the artist

Very good condition

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