Air France Canada 1967
Air France Canada 1967
Air France Canada 1967
Air France Canada 1967
Air France Canada 1967

Air France Canada 1967

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In 1967, the renowned French artist Georges Mathieu unveiled a remarkable series of posters commissioned by Air France, marking a unique collaboration between art and advertising. Initiated by Pierre Sautet, the airline's deputy commercial director, this project aimed to capture the essence of Air France's destinations with Mathieu's distinctive artistic style.

Georges Mathieu, celebrated for his dynamic and expressive abstract paintings, brought his avant-garde approach to these posters, infusing them with energy and vitality. Each poster in the series showcased a different Air France destination, captivating viewers with bold colors, fluid lines, and dramatic brushstrokes.

The culmination of Mathieu's efforts was unveiled on October 26, 1967, at the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. The posters immediately captivated audiences, becoming a sensation both in France and abroad. Exhibitions showcasing Mathieu's Air France posters were organized across the globe, attesting to their widespread appeal and popularity.

The Air France Canada poster, part of this iconic series, embodies Mathieu's distinctive style and the airline's transatlantic allure. Through vibrant colors and dynamic compositions, Mathieu captured the essence of Canada's majestic landscapes and vibrant cities, enticing travelers to experience the wonders of this North American destination.

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