Bière Suisse 1953
Bière Suisse 1953
Bière Suisse 1953
Bière Suisse 1953
Bière Suisse 1953

Bière Suisse 1953

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Herbert Leupin's original advertising poster for Swiss Beer, dating back to 1953, stands as a quintessential representation of Swiss craftsmanship and culture. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this iconic poster captures the essence of Swiss beer-making tradition and invites viewers into a world of flavor and heritage.

Bold and captivating, Leupin's poster commands attention with its vibrant colors and dynamic composition. It celebrates the rich tradition of Swiss brewing, enticing viewers with the promise of an exceptional beer experience.

Leupin's skillful use of imagery and typography creates a compelling narrative, evoking a sense of warmth, hospitality, and authenticity that are synonymous with Swiss culture. Each element of the poster speaks to the timeless charm and quality of Swiss beer.

Printed with precision and craftsmanship, Leupin's poster reflects the dedication and pride that go into Swiss beer production. Swiss beer embodies a tradition of excellence celebrated in every glass.

Advertising - Alcohol - Switzerland

Printed by Wassermann in Basel

Good condition, slight creases

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