Le gaspillage de l&
Le gaspillage de l&
Le gaspillage de l&
Le gaspillage de l&
Le gaspillage de l&

Le gaspillage de l'eau évité par les compteurs de la maison Maurice Eyquem 1895

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The original advertising poster by Georges Blott in 1895 captures the essence of turn-of-the-century Parisian life, promoting the innovative water meters of Maison Maurice Eyquem while advocating for water conservation. Blott, a prominent artist of the era, utilized his talents to create a visually striking piece that seamlessly blends artistry with advertising.

Commissioned by Maison Maurice Eyquem, a notable manufacturer of water meters, this poster served as a persuasive tool to encourage consumers to adopt water-saving practices. Blott's skillful use of imagery and text effectively communicates the message of conservation, depicting the consequences of water waste alongside the benefits of using Eyquem's meters.

Through meticulous attention to detail and composition, Blott conveys the urgency of the message while maintaining a sense of elegance and sophistication. The poster's aesthetic appeal, characterized by bold colors and intricate illustrations, captivates viewers and draws them into the narrative of water management and responsibility.

By associating the brand with the noble cause of environmental stewardship, Blott effectively positions Maison Maurice Eyquem as a forward-thinking company committed to social and environmental progress. The poster's impact extends beyond its promotional function, serving as a cultural artifact that reflects the values and concerns of late 19th-century society.

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